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Hario Katakuchi Bowl 4 Pieces

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Back in December 2022, while I was looking around online for stuff to buy for Christmas, I came across something that caught my interest: the Hario Katakuchi Bowl 4 Pieces. As I believed it would be helpful in the kitchen, I decided to purchase it.

The Stuff

The Hario Katakuchi Bowl 4 Pieces, also known as Mixing Bowl with Spout, are 4 glass bowls with beaks. They come in 4 capacities 100,200,400,800ml. According to the Hario Global website, these bowls are hot water, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Here are some pictures that I have taken to show what the stuff looks like:

The Hario Katakuchi Bowl 4 Pieces Box
The Hario Katakuchi Bowl 4 Pieces Box

The bowls stacked together
The bowls stacked together

The 4 sizes of bowls
The 4 sizes of bowls

The largest bowl
The largest bowl

Usage and Experience

I have used the Hario Katakuchi Bowl 4 Pieces for weeks since this post. I like that the bowls have a beak so that it is easy to pour liquids, like beating an egg and pouring it into a saucepan.

I have not used it in a microwave but washed it in a dishwasher without any issues.

As Hario manufactures heatproof glass, these bowls are of excellent quality. But they are still glass so I still have to be careful and try not to drop them when using them.

You can watch the video of this stuff below or on YouTube:

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Hario Katakuchi Bowl 4 Pieces are solid kitchenware stuff for mixing. If you are interested in this stuff, you can click on the links below:

Alternatively, you can click on some of the alternatives that I have found on Shopee and Amazon: