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Daiso Half-Zip Cloth Wallet Review


Back in around November 2016, as I was about to go on an overseas trip, I feel that I needed to find a wallet for travel to separate overseas cash from my everyday wallet. I also do not want to have my everyday wallet stolen or go missing overseas. As such, I went to Daiso to see whether there is a cheap option for it. I did manage to find one that I like, which is a half-zip cloth wallet.

The Product

The Daiso Half-Zip Cloth Wallet that I got is a minimal and simple blue color wallet, just like my Comme des Garcons sa3100 Half-Zip Wallet. The main difference between both is the material used, which is cloth compared to leather. Inside the wallet, there is a pocket in the middle where coins can be stored. Nothing special, just like most half-zip wallet around in the market.

Here are some pictures of the product that I have taken:

Daiso Half-Zip Cloth Wallet
The Daiso Half-Zip Cloth Wallet

Inside the half-zip wallet
Inside the half-zip wallet

The thickness of the wallet with nothing inside
The thickness of the wallet with nothing inside

Usage and Experience

I have been using the Daiso Half-Zip Cloth Wallet for years now, most recently on my Taiwan trip in November 2019. I like that it is a very simple wallet, it basically serves what I need in a wallet. One good thing is that I can put coins in it as there are always coins when using cash to transact. There's bound to have some coins when there's change.

One problem that I see is that since it is a cloth material, the contents inside the wallet may get wet if gets contacted with water. But so far I have not really encountered this issue when I'm using it.

You can check out the video of the product below or on YouTube:


Overall, the Daiso Half-Zip Cloth Wallet is a simple, minimal, and inexpensive option if you are looking for a wallet. As I bought this in 2016, I am not too sure if this design is still around. But if you are interested, you can try your luck to look for it in Daiso outlets.