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Mogics Power Bagel MPB-AB Review

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Back in May 2018, I was looking for a travel adapter with USB ports that I can bring along while working or traveling. I search online and found the Mogics Power Bagel. The design of the travel adapter is interesting and as such, I made the purchase from WorldShop.

The Product

The Mogics Power Bagel is a Singapore designed power adapter. It is actually more of a travel power strip than a travel adapter. It comes in 2 colors, black or white. It can connect up to 5 power adapters plus 2 USB devices. As a power strip, the bagel's cable can be extended by another 90cm.

As the Power Bagel is a US 2 pin plug, it comes together with a universal adapter in the middle called the MA1. It allows you to connect the bagel to other types of power sockets (UK, EU, AU, etc) accordingly. It also contains a spare fuse in case the current fuse is blown.

Here are some pictures that I've taken on the Power Bagel:

Mogics Power Bagel
The Mogics Power Bagel

Universal Adapter MA1
The Universal Adapter MA1

Universal Adapter MA1 Open
Opening up all the pins on MA1

Connecting Power Bagel and MA1
Connecting the Power Bagel and MA1 universal adapter with all the pins

USB ports
USB ports of the Bagel

Plug in
Plugging in 2 power adapter and 1 USB cable

The Power Bagel comes with a casing

Usage and Experience

I have occasionally been using the Mogics Power Bagel, and I have brought it along during my last travel overseas. This is essentially a useful item to bring along for your trip, especially if you are bringing along your power adapters that do not fit onto the power sockets, or there is not enough power sockets.

As for the universal adapter MA1, I encountered an issue where the Power Bagel has no power when powering on when connecting to MA1. Luckily I was able to contact Mogics and bring it to them for troubleshooting. It was found that the connector was loose on the MA1 and hence after fixing it, it was alive again. I feel that the MA1 can be of better build after experiencing this incident. So far all has been well :)

You can watch the video of the Power Bage below or on YouTube:


The Mogics Power Bagel is a useful and compact power strip to bring along, especially if you have many power adapters with you that you bring with you when you are out and about. You can even use it at home as an extension to your wall power socket. If you are interested to find out more, you can click on the links below: