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SKS CT-WORX Multi-tool

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Back in the days when I was cycling regularly, I was looking for a multi-tool to bring it along during my ride. I came across the SKS CT-WORX multi-tool while researching online and bought it from Amazon*. Till now it has been a tool that I sometimes use at home or bring along to work if I need to use it. Let's find out more.

The Stuff

The SKS CT-WORX is made in Germany. From the SKS website it describes the item to have the following:
  • extremely functional and compact
  • 20 functions for touring and race bikers
  • including diecast chain tool, 2 separate tire levers, and a set of the box/open wrenches
  • chrome-vanadium quality tool steel
Here are some pictures of the SKS CT-WORX:


All the tools after opening-up
All the tools after opening-up

The size of the multi-tool
The size of the multi-tool


Throughout my time using the SKS CT-WORX, I have used all of it except the chain tool as I did not encounter any issue with my chain. The multi-tool feels solid, as I did not encounter any major difficulty using it. One problem arises if you need a flat head screwdriver, as it does not come with it. I believe this is due to the bike not having this type of screws, hence the omission of the flat head screwdriver. In terms of weight, it is on the heavier side if you are a cyclist considering going lightweight on the items you bring out during a ride.

You can watch the SKS CT-WORX in action here or on YouTube:


Overall, I feel that the SKS CT-WORX is a solid multi-tool for multiple purposes, be it on a ride, using it at home, or using it for work. If you are interested in getting one, you can get it by clicking the link below: