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RTIC 30oz Tumbler Review

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Back in October 2019, I was looking for a tumbler that holds more than 500ml, particularly black in color so that I can have the choice to store hot or iced water for long hours. As I do my research online I stumbled across the 30 oz. RTIC tumbler. After much consideration, I decided to make the purchase from Amazon which cost me 17.04 USD (~ 25 SGD) excluding shipping.

The Stuff

The item came in less than a week as I chose the express delivery. From the RTIC website it presents the following technology and features:

- Double vacuum wall insulation
- No sweat exterior
- 18/8 stainless steel
- Keeps ice longer
- Keeps it hot
- Airtight seal
- Easy-grip base
- Included splash-proof lid

Here are some pictures of the tumbler:

The tumbler itself
The tumbler itself. I love the matte black color and design!

The lid of the tumbler
The lid of the tumbler. There's water inside and there's no leak!

The tumbler inverted
The tumbler inverted. The water is still inside and still no leak :)

This time round I invert the tumbler with my hand holding it
This time round I invert the tumbler with my hand holding it. The water is still inside. No leak!


I have been using this tumbler for half a year now as my primary water bottle. I love its matte black color and design! As you can see from the pictures, water will not leak out if the tumbler is inverted or placed sideways. The airtight lid does its job to prevent any leakages. For the no sweat exterior, it stays true to what is featured as I do not need to place a coaster on the tumbler when it's filled with iced cold water. As for keeping hot and iced water longer, I have not tried putting hot water inside. I have tried with iced water and it does stay for a long time (about 12 hours or more), provided you have to fill the tumbler all the way up with ice. 

The matte black and shape design also makes it easy to grip the tumbler, so you do not have to worry about slipping it out from your hand. I did drop the tumbler, causing a dent on the bottom of the tumbler and damage the opening of the lid. This is not due to slipping it off from my hand, but due to dropping out from the side water pouch of my bag which is not secured properly :( Luckily the damage is not major and it is still working properly as of now.

As for cleaning the tumbler, do take note that it is not recommended to place it in the dishwasher, and not to use bleach or cleaner containing chlorine as advised by RTIC. It is also mentioned not to place it in the freezer or microwave as it may spoil the tumbler.

You can check out the tumbler in action below or on YouTube!


Overall, I am satisfied and happy with the tumbler as it stays true to what is claimed to feature, and the matte black design :). If you are looking for a tumbler in the market, I would recommend this. It does come in other colors and hence if you are interested in getting one, you can get it from the following links below: