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Lojel Niru 3-Way Tote

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In October 2023, after returning from an overseas trip, I decided to look for a zipperless luggage bag for future travels. I decided to get the luggage bag from Lojel, and since there is a 10% off code for the first order, I also got the Lojel Niru 3-Way Tote.

The Stuff

The Lojel Niru 3-Way Tote is a versatile bag worn over the shoulder or crossbody, making it ideal for errands and shopping. It's made from 100% recycled nylon fabric, full-grain leather, and aluminum and steel components. The tote has a 15L capacity and measures 59x35x14cm (23.2×13.8×5.5in) with a strap length of 66-126cm (26-49.5in). The tote also has an interior zipper pocket and can be folded for easy storage or transport when empty.

Here are some pictures that I have taken to show what the stuff looks like:

The Lojel Niru 3-Way Tote packaging
The Lojel Niru 3-Way Tote packaging

The tote bag
The tote bag

Inside the bag with the zipper pocket
Inside the bag with the zipper pocket

Usage and Experience

I used the Lojel Niru 3-Way Tote during my overseas trip in April 2024. I like that it can be a crossbody so that it won't fall while walking.

In terms of quality, it is good. I feel assured that the material does not tear easily. The size of this tote bag is decent enough for me to put on my jacket, umbrella, and water bottle, and still have room to put more stuff.

I also like its interior zipper pocket allowing me to put small stuff like hand sanitizer, tissue, cards, etc. It will be messy to find small stuff if there is only one compartment.

You can watch the video of this stuff below or on YouTube:

Final Thoughts

Overall, I feel that the Lojel Niru 3-Way Tote is a quality tote bag for various use cases. If you are interested in this stuff, you can click on the link below:

Alternatively, you can click on some of the alternatives that I have found on Shopee and Amazon: