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IKEA Bastis Lint Roller

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The IKEA Bastis Lint Roller is something that I purchased many many years back (I can't really recall when) since it is affordable stuff to remove hairs, dust, and lint.

The Stuff

The IKEA Bastis Lint Roller that I have comes in blue. The current version as of the time I am writing this is grey.

It can be rolled bi-directional, clockwise, or anticlockwise.

Here are some of the pictures that I have taken to show what the stuff looks like:

The IKEA Bastis Lint Roller
The IKEA Bastis Lint Roller

IKEA logo imprinted on the handle
IKEA logo imprinted on the handle

Parts of the lint roller
Parts of the lint roller

Usage and Experience

I have been using the IKEA Bastis Lint Roller for years. I use it on my clothes, bedsheets, tables, and even the floor where there are hair and dust! 

The roller's sticking strength is strong hence it is able to catch almost anything. Once the layer has been completely used, simply remove the layer and it is good to use again.

You can watch the video of this stuff below or on YouTube:

Final Thoughts

Overall, I feel that the IKEA Bastis Lint Roller is good and affordable stuff to have for removing hairs, lint, and dust. If you are interested in this stuff, head on down to your nearest IKEA store or you can click on the IKEA SG link below:

Alternatively, you can click on some of the alternatives that I have found on Shopee and Amazon: