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Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer 2022 Update

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Back in December 2017, I was looking at Xiaomi products for Christmas presents, and I happened to come across the Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer on the web. I was interested in the price and the design of it and decided to get one for myself.

Fast forward to 2022, here is an update of how the stuff has been since the day I bought it.

The Stuff

According to iHealth website, the thermometer has the following features:
  • High precision: ultra-sensitive infrared sensor measures IR energy emitted from the forehead and collects more than 100 data points per second.
  • Fast testing in just 1 second, get reading instantly.
  • Safe & Hygienic. No-Touch design, non-invasive measurement.
  • Gentle vibration to alert when a reading completed. No annoying beeps.
  • Hold. Aim. Press. Only 3 steps to test, easy for self-measurement.
  • Readable at night with LED-backlit.
The iHealth website is showing the Fahrenheit version. The one that I have is the celsius version. It uses 2xAAA batteries. Since I bought it in December 2017, I have thrown the box away. 

Here are some pictures that I have taken to show what the stuff looks like:

The Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer
The Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer

The other side of the thermometer
The other side of the thermometer

Where the batteries are
Where the batteries are

Taking a reading of my palm
Taking a reading of my palm

Usage and Experience

I have been using the Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer for about 4 years now. As of the time of writing, I am still using the batteries that were provided!

I like that the thermometer design is simple. There is only one button to press.

Using it is very simple. Simply place the thermometer as close as possible to the body and press the button. The reading will be shown in 1 to 2 seconds.

You can watch the video of this stuff below or on YouTube:

Final Thoughts

Overall, I feel that the Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer is good stuff to have at home, as you can check your temperature if you are feeling unwell, and before heading down to see a doctor.

If you are interested to find out more, you can click on the links below: