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Yale Series Y120/40 Padlock

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Back in my reservist time, I was looking for a solid padlock to replace my existing one, as the quality is not good, and have difficulty unlocking and locking it. As such, I went to a DIY store looking for one and found the Yale series Y120/40 Padlock.

As Yale is a well-known brand in terms of padlocks, I decided to purchase it.

The Stuff

The Yale series Y120/40 Padlock comes in silver color with 2 keys. Here are some of the features listed on the Yale Singapore website:
  • Outdoor environment padlocks for outdoor and internal doors
  • Solid brass satin chrome body with boron steel shackles
  • Security rating 5
  • Tough new satin chrome plated finishes
  • Double locking shackle
  • Self-latching mechanism
Here are some pictures that I have taken to show how the stuff looks like:

Yale Series Y120/40 Padlock
The Yale Series Y120/40 Padlock

The padlock comes with 2 keys
The padlock comes with 2 keys

Close up look at the Boron steel shackles
Close up look at the Boron steel shackles

Keyhole at the bottom
Keyhole at the bottom


Usage and Experience

I have used the Yale Series Y120/40 Padlock on a few occasions, especially when I am on my reservist. The padlock is solid and the key stays on to the keyhole after unlocking the padlock. I like the unlocking and locking sound of it :)

With the previous padlock, I did accidentally left the key inside the cupboard and lock it! Luckily I had the spare so that do not need to break the lock. With the Yale Series Y120/40 Padlock, I did not have such an incident so far.

Although the key does not come out easily from the keyhole, the key can be taken out from the padlock after unlocking. This is something to take note of and has to be careful with if not it will result in the same incident as mine.

You can watch the video of this stuff below or on YouTube:

Final Thoughts

Overall, I feel that the Yale Series Y120/40 Padlock is a solid padlock. If you are interested to find out more, you can click on the link below: