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Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Singapore Edition

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Back in November 2020, after I managed to retrieve my Parker Games to Go Monopoly, I find it is too small to play at home. Hence I decided to get a normal size Monopoly board game, Singapore edition. Instead of going online to purchase one, I went to Popular bookstore to get instead as I knew they sell board games. Not very expensive, as I remember it cost less than SGD40.

The Stuff

The Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Singapore Edition comes in a typical board game size rectangular box. The box contains the following items (taken from the back of the box):

- Gameboard
- 8 Tokens
- 28 Title Deed Cards
- 16 Chance Cards
- 16 Community Chest Cards
- 32 Houses
- 12 Hotels
- 2 Dice
- Money Pack
- Game Guide

It also contains a cash and square tray to sort cash in different denominations and store the tokens, houses, and hotels.

Older editions of Monopoly gameboards come bi-folded (90s era). But this comes tri-folded. I feel kinda sad that is not bi-folded as there is a cut on one side but it is what it is. 

Here are some pictures that I have taken to show how the stuff looks like:

The Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Singapore Edition
The Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Singapore Edition

Contents inside the box
Contents inside the box

Unfolding the board
Unfolding the board

The 16 Community Chest cards
The 16 Community Chest cards

The 16 Chance cards
The 16 Chance cards

Usage and Experience

So far I have only used the Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Singapore Edition twice, as it is not easy nowadays to gather friends or family and ask them to play board games :) Nevertheless, base on the product, the cash sorting tray is useful as it makes the banker's job easier when it comes to handing out cash. I still remember my 90s version of Monopoly (which I have given away) ups a notch by having a cash and property sorting tray! This current version is good enough as the property cards are not that of a hassle to sort out.

The square tray is also a good thing as it consolidates all other items like tokens, houses, hotels, and dices. What I suggest is after every game consolidates the items into a ziplock bag, and pour it out again when playing the next time. This will prevent the items from flying all over the place when bringing them from one place to another.

You can watch the video of this stuff below or on YouTube:

Final Thoughts

Overall, I feel that the Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Singapore Edition is a nice item to have at home for friends and family get-together game time. If you are interested in getting this product, you can head on down to any departmental stores which have a toys or games section. They should have the current version of Monopoly. If not, you can get it online by clicking on the links below: