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Daiso 6-bits Screwdriver Review


Back in 2015, I was looking for a cheap screwdriver that has different types of screw bits contained in a screwdriver, so that I can just bring the screwdriver along anytime without any box to contain the bits. As a result, I went over to Daiso to look for one since they have a tools section and every item is SGD 2. I manage to find one at Daiso that meets my requirement and decided to purchase it.

The Product

The Daiso 6-bits Screwdriver is just like a typical screwdriver. Just that the screw head is interchangeable with the screw bits provided. The screw head is also magnetic so that the screw bit is kept in place without falling off when using it. The bits are kept in a circular rubber holder attached to the screwdriver, which can be removed if needed.

The 6 bits that are included in the screwdriver are 2 Philips, 2 Flat Head, and 2 Torx.

The handle portion of this screwdriver is kinda different from a typical screwdriver. Some strange rubber handle triangular design.

Here are some pictures of the product that I have taken to have a better understanding of what I mean:

The Daiso 6-bits Screwdriver
The Daiso 6-bits Screwdriver
Attaching a screw bit into the screw head
Attaching a screw bit into the screw head
Screwdriver and the bits holder separated
Screwdriver and the bits holder separated

Triangular design
Triangular design

Usage and Experience

I have used the Daiso 6-bits Screwdriver on a few occasions, mainly on those stuff with medium / bigger size screws. The Torx bits came in handy as there are a few stuff that I encountered uses Torx screws.

As the 6 bits generally cover a range of screws. If I needed to screw or unscrew any stuff at work, all I needed to bring is this screwdriver instead of different screwdrivers.

The usage is very simple. Just attached the bit that is required to the head and start using it. Clockwise to tighten and anti-clockwise to loosen.

You can check out the video of this product below or on YouTube:


The Daiso 6-bits Screwdriver is a handy, cheap screwdriver to bring along if needed. It can be considered an all-in-one screwdriver as it has most of the general size screws covered. If you are interested in this product, head down to any Daiso outlet and try your luck :)