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Specialized Grail Gloves Review


Back in my cycling days, when my pair of cycling gloves that I was wearing began to show wear and tear, I needed to find one to replace it. As such, I went on a search for a new pair of cycling gloves.

One day, I went to an official Specialized shop in Singapore and found an interesting pair of gloves called Grail. I felt that it is expensive as it cost SGD50, but as it is different from a typical pair of cycling gloves, I decided to purchase it to give it a try.

The Product

The Specialized Grail Gloves come in different sizes, and the one I got is M size. Compared to other typical cycling gloves which the paddings are around the palm, this glove's padding is in the middle of the palm. It's like my hand is flushed when I wear it.

Here are some pictures of the product that I took to show what I have described:

The Specialized Grail Gloves
The Specialized Grail Gloves

The palm side of the glove with the padding in the center
The palm side of the glove with the padding in the center

This is how it looks like wearing it
This is how it looks like wearing it

Usage and Experience

Ever since I bought the Specialized Grail Gloves, it was my go-to gloves for every ride. It is very comfortable for me to wear, so I was able to hold on to the handlebar for a long period of time. With that, I also had no numbness feeling on my hand while riding. 

Removing the gloves is very easy. There's a removal hole on the middle and fourth finger of the glove. So all I need to do was to hook my fingers onto the removal hole and pull it to remove the glove.

I feel that this is the best cycling gloves that I wore, and probably the only type of gloves that I will wear if I were to cycle again, or I have to purchase another pair of cycling gloves.

You can check out the video of this product below or on YouTube:


Overall, the Specialized Grail Gloves is a good pair of cycling gloves that's worth the purchase. If you are interested in getting one or to find out more, you can click on the link below for more information:

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