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CatEye Volt 400 Review


Back in my cycling days, when I had my road bike, I had to get other bike stuff as well. One item is a front light for the bike. It is an important item to have as I cycle often in the evening. As such, I went online to search for a suitable front light. 

After much research, I found the one that I felt is suitable: the CatEye Volt 400. It was also just nice that my friend was going to buy some bike stuff online and I manage to get him to help purchase the bike light for me.

The Product

The CatEye Volt 400 comes only in back color. It is well built and is rechargeable via micro USB. It comes in the following 5 different modes, with their runtimes below (based on CatEye's website):

High mode 400 lumens: 3hrs
Middle mode 100 lumens: 8hrs
Low mode 50 lumens: 18hrs
Daytime HyperConstant mode 400/50 lumens: 11hrs
Flashing mode 50 lumens: 60hrs

Here are some pictures that I've taken of the product:

The CatEye Volt 400
The CatEye Volt 400

Top view of the Volt 400

Bottom of the Volt 400 with the micro USB charging port
Bottom of the Volt 400 with the micro USB charging port

Front view of the Volt 400
Front view of the Volt 400

Volt 400 with the attachment

Usage and Experience

Ever since I had the CatEye Volt 400, it is my standard front light for my road bike. As most of the places that I cycling is well lit, I did not have to use the high mode. Most of the time I stick to the middle or low mode which is good enough.

I did use the high mode on some occasions, which I remembered one time shining on a water reservoir to see clearly in the dark. It is very very clear!

To power up the Volt 400, simply press and hold the power button until the light comes out. To switch modes, press the power button once.

Other than being a front light for the bike, I can also use it as a torchlight to bring along. Multiple usages!

You can check out the video of this product below or on YouTube:


Overall, the CatEye Volt 400 is a good quality, solidly well made front light for bikes. I feel that it is on the pricey side (I remember it was between SGD70 to 80) but it is justified by the built and quality. If you are interested, you can check out the following link from below for more information:

Disclosure: Please note that the link above is not affiliated.