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Topeak COMBOTORQ Wrench and Bit Set review

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Back in my cycling days, as I was making changes to my road bike, I came across the importance of having a torque wrench. Without a torque wrench, I may over-torque when I am tightening a part. Over-torque may result in damaging my bike parts. As such, I was on the lookout for an affordable torque wrench. I manage to find the Topeak COMBOTORQ Wrench and Bit Set while visiting a bike shop. As this was the most affordable torque wrench I could find during that time, I decided to purchase it and try it out.

The Product

The Topeak COMBOTORQ Wrench and Bit Set is a unique design torque wrench. Instead of a typical torque wrench design, this torque wrench is like a T-shape with a pizza size-like torque range display in the middle of the stem.

The torque wrench comes with 4 Allen bits and 1 Torx bit. The torque displays from 0 to 12 Nm. Here are some pictures that I've taken of the product:

Topeak COMBOTORQ Wrench and Bit Set
The Topeak COMBOTORQ Wrench and Bit Set

Topeak COMBOTORQ Wrench and Bit Set Bits
A closer look at the bits provided
Torque range
Torque range of the wrench

Usage and Experience

I have used the Topeak COMBOTORQ Wrench and Bit Set during my cycling days when I was changing my saddle, adjusting my Seatpost, changing my stem, and et cetera. Depending on the amount of torque recommended on each part, the wrench was able to guide me not to go over the maximum torque.

On how to use the torque wrench, simply attach the bit that is required, and tighten the screw. As I apply more force while tightening, the needle of the wrench will move and point to the amount of torque I have applied.

In terms of the accuracy of the torque reading, I am not too sure if it is really accurate or not. Even if it is not exactly accurate, at least it has a gauge for me to roughly measure how much torque has been applied.

You can watch the video of the torque wrench below or on YouTube:


Overall, the Topeak COMBOTORQ Wrench and Bit Set is an affordable choice if you are looking for a torque wrench without breaking your bank. If you are interested in this product, you can click on the following link below: