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MUJI Pet Pump Bottle 100ml Review


Back in 2019, before I was going on my overseas travel in November, I was trying to minimize the items to bring along. One of the items was a pump bottle for my shower gel. A 100ml pump bottle that I can put into my carry on luggage (since we can't bring more than 100ml bottle for our carry on luggage). As such, whenever I am in a shopping mall, I will look around the shops to see if there is a suitable pump bottle to my liking.

One day, I happen to went into the MUJI store at Plaza Singapura and saw the MUJI Pet Pump Bottle. The bottle looks and feels well built and it costs SGD 4.90, which I think it's a reasonable price for such a bottle. After some thought, I decided to purchase it.

The Product

The MUJI Pet Pump Bottle 100ml is made of solid plastic material, hence as mentioned it is well built. It is made in Japan. It comes with a cap to cover the pump so that it won't be accidentally pressed. I liked that it is a very simple, minimalist design. No fancy designs on a bottle.

On the label, it is mentioned that this product is not to be used for storing food or beverages. This product also cannot be used for petroleum-based liquids, nail polish removers, perfume, vinegar (such as wood vinegar), or liquids containing a lot of alcohol (such as tonic or cologne).

Here are some pictures that I have taken of the product:

The Muji Pet Bottle 100ml
The MUJI Pet Bottle 100ml

The bottle is made in Japan
The bottle is made in Japan

Parts of the bottle
Parts of the bottle

How to press the bottle
How to press the bottle

Usage and Experience

I have been using the MUJI Pet Pump Bottle 100ml a couple of times, even after my trip in November 2019. So far I have only put in my Adidas 3-in-1 shower gel. I also bring it along in times when I need to shower after an exercise.

Being a petit size pump bottle, each press on the pump only comes out a small amount of what is inside the bottle. I feel that it is a good thing, as I am able to control the amount of shower gel I want to use. 

To use it, simply pour the contents into the bottle. Press the pump a few times for the content to come out.

You can check out the video of this product below or on YouTube:


Overall, the MUJI Pet Pump Bottle 100ml is a useful product to bring along during travels if you decided to go light. This product can be found in all MUJI stores. For more information, you can check out this link from MUJI Singapore:

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