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Decathlon Btwin 500ml Tool Bottle Review


Back in my cycling days when I was riding my road bike, I was looking for ways to lighten my load by bringing less stuff around and not to attach a saddle bag during my ride. As such, I found that a tool bottle will be a great replacement for a saddle bag. Since there are 2 bottle cages on my road bike, and if I'm not riding long distances, I can just bring along 1 bottle of water. I can then put a tool bottle on the other bottle cage.

One day I was walking around Decathlon and found the Btwin 500ml tool bottle in the bike section. As I find the price of the tool bottle to be affordable, I decided to purchase one.

The Product

The Decathlon Btwin 500ml Tool Bottle comes in black color, nothing fancy. Like a typical plastic water bottle, it comes with a screw-on cap to open or close the tool bottle, making it waterproof.

Here are some pictures that I have taken of the product:

Decathlon Btwin 500ml Tool Bottle
The Decathlon Btwin 500ml Tool Bottle

Other side of tool bottle
The other side of the tool bottle

Top of the tool bottle
Top of the tool bottle

Opening up the tool bottle
Opening up the tool bottle

Usage and Experience

I had been using the Decathlon Btwin 500ml Tool Bottle for most of my short distance rides during my cycling days. The tool bottle is very secure on the bottle cage and it does not drop out in any occasion when I was riding. The lid was also secure and did not loosen or came off at any point in time.

In terms of what can be put inside the tool bottle, I was able to put an inner tube, my Topeak Mini 20 Pro, and my Syncros HP Micro Pump inside. As minimal and light as possible.

You can check out the video of this product below or on YouTube:


Overall, the Decathlon Btwin 500ml Tool Bottle is definitely a useful addition to your short distance riding if you are cycling a road bike and have 2 bottle cages. This can replace your saddle bag if you want to keep your road bike to a minimal. 

As of now, this model is no longer in stock at Decathlon, and they now have a 750ml version which can put slightly more or bigger tools inside. If you are interested in the 750ml version, you can check it out by visiting your country's Decathlon website or by clicking on the link below from Decathlon Singapore:

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