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Lezyne XL Caddy Saddle Bag Review


Back in my cycling days when I was still riding a foldable bike, I was looking for a big size saddle bag that can fit lots of stuff that I need to bring along for my ride. As such, I went around from one bicycle shop to another to look for one. Eventually, I manage to find one that I considered it to be big enough, which is the Lezyne XL Caddy Saddle Bag. Excited by what I have found, I decided to purchase it.

The Product

The Lezyne XL Caddy Saddle Bag comes in black. It has 3 compartments, the main compartment in the center, 1 on the left, and 1 on the right. Inside the main compartment, there are some more compartments like the multi-tool and tire lever compartment, mesh compartment, and velcro to hold a portable pump in place.

Here are some pictures that I've taken on the product:

Lezyne XL Caddy Saddle Bag
The Lezyne XL Caddy Saddle Bag
Lezyne XL Caddy Saddle Bag Back
Back of the Saddle Bag
Lezyne XL Caddy Saddle Bag Open
Opening the main compartment of the Saddle Bag

Usage and Experience

I had used the Lezyne XL Caddy Saddle Bag when I rode my foldable bike years ago. To attach the saddle bag, simply use the 2 velcros at the back of the saddle bag to velcro to the seat post, and the 2 clips to clip onto the saddle rail. It's very secure with this setup as I do not encounter any occurrence where the saddle bag came off while riding.

As for the compartments, being an XL size caddy saddle bag, it is indeed very spacious (for the main compartment). After putting a portable pump, a multi-tool, an inner tube, I can still put other things that I want to bring along. A few more inner tubes? No problem :)

You can check out the video of the product below or on YouTube:


Overall, the Lezyne XL Caddy Saddle Bag is definitely the bag if you need a big size saddle bag. Unfortunately, this is an old product so it's very hard to find right now. I searched the web and manage to find one website that still has stock but only comes in grey. If you are still interested, you can click on the link below:

Disclosure: Please note that the link above is not affiliated.