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Another Brandless Foldable Hanger Review

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Back in October 2017, I was looking for foldable hangers that I could bring along during my travels. This is because the hangers supplied by hotels or the apartment from Airbnb may not be enough for me to use. As such, I went online and did a search, and I found the brandless foldable hanger. After much considerations, I decided to purchase a few of these hangers from Qoo10 to try it out.

The Product

The brandless foldable hanger comes in a few colors. Mine is beige in color. Base on what I search online, this foldable hanger is very common, and a lot of sellers are selling it. The version of the foldable hanger that I have comes with 2 clips for each hanger. 

When fully unfolded, the hanger measures 40cm in length. When it's half-fold, it measures 22cm in length.

Here are some pictures that I have taken on the foldable hanger:

The Brandless Foldable Hanger
The Brandless Foldable Hanger
The Brandless Foldable Hanger half fold
Foldable Hanger Half unfold
The Brandless Foldable Hanger Full Fold
Foldable Hanger Fully unfold

Usage and Experience

I have been using the brandless foldable hanger for a couple of overseas trips, including the most recent one in November 2019. As mentioned, the hotels and Airbnbs that I stayed in did not have enough hangers. Hence I was lucky that I brought the foldable hangers with me. The clips came in useful as I am able to hang things like socks and towels to dry.

One small problem that I encountered is that the clips can come off easily. As I kept the foldable hangers in a ziplock bag, I found some of them having their clips came off when I opened the ziplock bag to use the hangers. Other than that, I do not encounter any other issues.

You can check out the video of the foldable hanger below or on YouTube:


Overall, the brandless foldable hanger is a useful hanger to bring along for travel, or even using it at home. If you are interested in this product, you can click on the following links below: