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Nespresso Touch Travel Mug Review


Back in December 2017, I needed to replenish my Nespresso capsules as they were running out. It was just in time that Nespresso sent me a promotional email, stating that I can get the Touch Travel Mug for free while making an order. As such, I happily ordered my capsules and other stuff that I needed to get the free tumbler.

The Product 

The Nespresso Touch Travel Mug exterior design is like the body of Michelin Man, just that it is silver in color. With that, it makes the surface grippy which does not slip while holding onto it. The black color lid is screw-on based which does not allow water to leak out. The size of the tumbler is not very big, as the maximum capacity is 345ml / 11oz as stated on the bottom of the tumbler.

Here are some pictures that I have taken on the tumbler:

Nespresso Touch Travel Mug
The Nespresso Touch Travel Mug

Bottom of tumbler
Bottom of the tumbler with description

Top view
Top of the tumbler

Lid open
Tumbler with lid open

Screw on lid
The screw-on lid after it's open

Usage and Experience

Ever since I got the Nespresso Touch Travel Mug, I have used it for a few occasions, mainly when I'm going out. I've also brought it along during my most recent overseas travel. Most of the time when I'm using the tumbler, I put water rather than coffee, as I usually drink coffee in a cup and use a tumbler as a water bottle. Of all the times that I have used this tumbler, I have not encountered any leakages. 

In terms of hot and cold drink retention, I would say it does its job as I have tried putting ice and water in it, and it manages to last a couple of hours. 

Other than being a smaller capacity tumbler compared to the other tumblers that I have, I would say overall the experience has been pleasant.

You can check out the video of the tumbler below or on YouTube:


The Nespresso Touch Travel Mug is a useful tumbler to bring along, if you do not find an issue with the small capacity. If you are interested, you can go to the Nespresso website in your respective country to find out more. Below is the Nespresso Singapore website link for the tumbler:

Disclosure: Please note that the link above is not affiliated.