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KableCARD KC7 Review

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Back in December 2019, while I was looking for Christmas presents to buy for my friends, I stumbled across the KableCARD online. I was interested in the features that this card has and eventually bought a few as Christmas presents, and one for myself from Interstellar Goods.

The Product

The KableCARD comes in either Black or White. KC7 it's the model name. It is a multi-functional cable essential for the phone, where it has USB-C, micro USB, and lightning cable all in one. The cable length that comes with the card is 29cm. Other than having a multi-cable for your phone needs, it also has the following capabilities:

  • Wireless Charging
  • micro-SD card reader
  • Sim card ejector pin
  • Storage for 2 nano-SIM
  • Ambient light
  • Phone cradle
All packed in a card size dimension!

Here are some pictures of the product that I've taken:
The CableCARD KC7

Inside the CableCARD
Inside the CableCARD
Cradle mode
Cradle mode

Ambient Light
Ambient light
Card Reader mode
KableCARD as a card reader

Front cover of the CableCARD box
Front cover of the CableCARD box

Back cover of the CableCARD box
Front cover of the CableCARD box

Usage and Experience

The KableCARD has been the card that I bring along, together with my power bank whenever I'm out for work or going out. It has effectively replaced the cables that I carry around previously. To use the cable, simply remove the cable from the card, and fit in using the different adapters according to what is required.

The other function that I use frequently is the card reader mode. I simply put in a microSD card, and whenever I need to copy files or data transfer, I just plug in the KableCARD onto the computer.

I have tested the other functions of the KableCARD, like the wireless charging and ambient light which works accordingly. As for the cradle mode, I feel that the ledge to support the phone is too short. The phone will fall off easily, especially that my phone has a cover and has some thickness.

You can watch the video of the KableCARD below or on YouTube:


The KableCARD is a good multi-functional cable that you can replace your existing cables to bring along, unless you need a longer cable that is more than 29cm. If you are interested to check out more or to get the product, you can click on the following links below:

Amazon* (Black)

Amazon* (White)

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