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Topeak Mini 20 Pro Review

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Back in my cycling days, I was always thinking of ways to reduce the weight of the items that I carry along during a ride. Initially, I purchased the SKS CT-WORX and bring it along for my ride, but I feel that it is heavy. There must be some multi-tool that is small, has more function, and it's lighter. Therefore, I did my research online and found the Topeak Mini 20 Pro. It interests me and I decided to make the purchase from Chain Reaction Cycles.

The Product

The Topeak Mini 20 Pro comes in three colors, silver, black, and gold. Black is one of my favorite colors, hence I chose black :) It has an array of tools, which includes Philips and flat screwdriver, Allen wrenches, chain tool, tire lever, and Torx wrench. It comes with a bag pouch to keep the tool and a user's guide. On my weighing scale, it weighs 154g, much less compared to the SKS CT-WORX.

For more details of the product, you can check out Topeak's website to the product by clicking here. Here are some of the pictures of the product that I have taken:

The Topeak Mini 20 Pro

Top view showing the chain tool
Top view showing the chain tool

Top view showing the screws
Top view showing the screws

array of tools
Showing the array of tools that it has

bag pouch
The bag pouch

tool weighs in at 154g
The tool weighs in at 154g


The Topeak Mini 20 Pro has been in my tool bottle for every ride ever since I have it. I don't use the bag pouch that comes with it. The bag pouch is added weight to my ride :) When I had to ride long distances with 2 water bottles, I would place this tool into a ziplock bag and put it in my cycling jersey pocket. It is a solid build tool, and it was only called into action a few times.

One thing to note that there is only one tire lever. I feel that this may pose a challenge if you need 2 tire levers to remove the tires. So far I was lucky that I did not encounter any scenarios that I have to change or remove the tires on the spot.

You can check out the video of the tool below or on YouTube:


The Topeak Mini 20 Pro is a well build tool for cyclists to bring along for their ride. It's light, small, and comes in handy should there be any issues you encounter on your ride. If you are interested in getting one, you can check on the link below: