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Nock Pouch Review

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I exercise very frequently by playing Badminton as much as 4 times a week. Every time after each Badminton session, I will change my sweaty shirt and shorts and put them into a plastic bag. The plastic bag is then thrown away after I send my shirt and shorts into the laundry. This is not environmentally friendly and unsustainable. As such, I decided to look for a reusable bag that can solve this issue. I came across the Nock Pouch by BOW online, and I was interested in its features. Hence I decided to purchase one to test.

The Product

As BOW Headquarters is in Singapore, the Nock Pouch arrived within 3 days after I ordered. The size is almost like an A3 size paper, slightly bigger. The material inside of the pouch is waterproof and has a velcro to seal the pouch. Here are some pictures of the pouch that I've taken:

Nock Pouch by Bow
The Nock Pouch by Bow

waterproof material inside the pouch
The waterproof material inside the pouch

The pouch after putting in 2 clothes and velcro-ed

Usage and Experience

After months of usage, I can proudly say that the Nock Pouch has been officially my replacement for plastic bags. So much so that I purchased another 2 pouches :) All I need to do is to place my sweaty clothes into the pouch and velcro it. 

Most of the time when I'm using a plastic bag to store my sweaty clothes, the sweat smell leaks / spreads around by bag. This makes my bag having the sweat smell lingering around. Not something that you will like to smell in your bag. As for the Nock Pouch, it is way much better than a plastic bag. With the waterproof material inside and velcro-ed, the sweat smell is locked inside the pouch and does not spread out. 

The Nock Pouch is also washing machine friendly. I have washed it many times in it without any issue :) Once dry it is ready to be used again!

You can watch the video of the Pouch below or on YouTube:


The Nock Pouch is definitely an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for people who exercise and store their sweaty clothes. I can say that I am happy with what the pouch offers. If you would like to save Mother Earth and looking for a plastic bag alternative, you can click on the link below to find out more: