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Brandless Luggage Weighing Scale Review

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Back in 2016 during my cycling days, I was obsessed with weighing my bike and cycling items to keep my ride light. I went online to look for a weighing scale that enables me to weigh my bike. I managed to find a cheap luggage weighing scale that can do the job. As such, I ordered one from Qoo10.

The Product

The luggage weighing scale has no brand hence it's brandless :) It's a common design that I see around online. The max weight that you can weigh is 50kg/110lb. It has a digital display and has 2 buttons, the power-on button, and the unit button which allows you to switch between kg and lb. The weighing scale also has a temperature sensor. This can be shown by pressing the unit button which allows you to see the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. In terms of power, it is operated by using 1 CR2032 battery. 

Here are some pictures that I have taken on the luggage weighing scale:

brandless luggage weighing scale
The brandless luggage weighing scale

Top view showing the display on buttons
Top view showing the display on buttons

Digital display in kg
Digital display in kg

Display showing temperature in Celsius
Display showing temperature in Celsius

max weight limit
Showing the max weight limit

Usage and Experience

Since I've not been cycling for some time, I've been using the luggage weighing scale mainly to weigh my luggage bags when I'm traveling overseas. As such, this is an item I will bring along when I travel. This is useful so that I know whether I exceed the weight limit before checking in my luggage during check-in.

To take the weight of the item, first power on the weighing scale by pressing the power button and hold it for 1 second. The display will show it's powering up. Once it shows 0.00, you can press the unit button to toggle between kg/lb or Celsius/Fahrenheit. Hook the weighing scale to the item and start weighing by lifting up the item. The weighing scale will measure and show a letter "H" on the display, which means the final weight that it has measured. Unhook and release the item and press the power button to reset to 0.00 kg/lb. To power off, press and hold the power button until the display shows nothing.

You can check out the video of the weighing scale below or on YouTube:


The Brandless Luggage Weighing Scale is a useful tool for weighing items like your luggage bag. If you travel around often and wanting to make sure you do not exceed the weight limit, it is good to include this tool in your packing list. If you are interested in this item, you can check out the following links that I have found which have the same design: