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Xiaomi Youpin VH F03 Portable Fan Review

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Back in November 2018, I was looking for a portable handheld fan that can bring along when I'm outside, and place it on my table and use it when I'm at home. I went online and found the Xiaomi Youpin VH F03 portable fan. As such, I decided to purchase it at Aliexpress.

The Product

The Xiaomi Youpin VH F03 portable fan comes in 4 colors, blue, grey, orange, and green. The one that I bought is grey in color. The packaging comes with the fan itself, a base for you to place the fan, and a micro USB cable to charge the fan. It's a simple design where there's only one ON button. Here are some of the pictures that I've taken of the product:

Xiaomi Youpin VH F03 Portable Fan
The Xiaomi Youpin VH F03 Portable Fan

Back of the fan
Back of the fan with a micro USB port to charge 

Base for the fan
The base for the fan

Fan with base attached
Fan with base attached

Usage and Experience

I've been using the Xiaomi Youpin VH F03 fan most of the time at home, bringing it out occasionally when I'm going out and the weather is hot. To power on the fan, I just need to press the ON button. There are 3 modes for the fan, where each time you press the ON button the strength will increase. When it reaches the strongest mode, the next time I press the ON button it will be power off. One way I can describe the sequence of the ON button will be as such: Strong, Stronger, Strongest, OFF.

To use the fan on the table, simply attach the fan to the base provided. With the strongest mode, the fan did not move around as the base has a rubbery bottom.

To charge the fan, simply insert into the micro USB port and the light on top of the port will turn red, indicating the fan is charging. One interesting thing is that you can still use the fan while charging, regardless of whether you can use a power source or power bank, but it will not be strong if the fan's battery is flat and it's charging. The light will turn green, indicating that charging is complete.

As for how long can the fan last in a single full battery, I can't really say as I did not make any calculations or tests on this. But I would reckon it will last at least 1 hour on the strongest mode. I usually use the 1st mode so that I can make it last longer unless I'm feeling hot.

In terms of the fan coverage, it is not very big. Hence you will need to move the fan around if you are feeling hot and holding onto it.

You can watch the video of the VH F03 below or on YouTube:


The Xiaomi Youpin VH F03 is a handy fan that is useful to have when you at using it at home or bringing it out. If you are interested in getting one, you can check out the link below: