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Brandless Foldable Hanger Review


Back in January 2020, I was looking for a more compact design foldable hanger to replace the existing one for travel. As usual, I did my search online and it led me to one design which I eventually bought a couple of them from Aliexpress.

The Stuff

Usually, the things that I ordered from Aliexpress takes awhile to arrive. I'm not in a hurry, so there's no issue for me in the long wait. The foldable hanger took almost a month or so to arrived. It is made of plastic and comes with 4 clips in the hanger itself. The measurements I took are as follows:

Folded: 15.6cm by 5.2cm
Open (Hanger): 31cm by 10.7cm

Here are some pictures of the foldable hanger:

Foldable hanger in folded position
Foldable hanger in the folded position

Foldable hanger in opened position
Foldable hanger in the opened position

Foldable hanger opened with clips opened
Foldable hanger opened with clips opened

Foldable hanger clip
Close up view of the clip

Hanging a jacket using the foldable hanger
Hanging a jacket using the foldable hanger


I have not been travelling since I bought the foldable hanger, but I am still able to use it to hang some clothes at home, like the jacket in the picture above. The hook is turnable 360 degrees where it is useful for some situations. The length of the hanger is not as long as those normal hangers, but there is no issue of clothes slipping out due to its length. As the hanger comes with 4 built-in clips, I am able to hang 2 pairs of socks. Since the clips are built into the hanger, the gripping power is not that strong. Hence it is not advisable to clip onto something heavy like a bath towel. As the hanger folds into somewhat a rectangular shape, it makes it tidy when stacked with a bunch of it.

You can check out the foldable hanger video on YouTube or below:


Overall I feel that the foldable hanger is a useful item to have during travelling, where the accommodation does not include or have enough hangers. Even if you are not travelling, you can still use it at home. If you are interested in the product, you can get it from either here or here from AliExpress.