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The Innergie 60C Pro (Intl) USB-C Power Adapter Review

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Back in January 2020, I was looking for a power adapter that is small in size to bring along to work and powerful enough to charge most of the USB-C devices like my phone, MacBook pro, and my notebook. I did my research online and I came across the Innergie 60C Pro USB-C power adapter. After much consideration, I decided to purchase it online at There are actually 2 versions of it, the International version and the US version. The one that I purchase is the International version. The US version power pins are fixed and do not seem to have the travel plugs as compared to the International version.

The Stuff

Since is a Singapore online store, the Innergie 60C Pro USB-C power adapter was delivered to me in less than a week. According to Innergie website, it pinpoints the power adapter selling points:

- Compact yet powerful - minimal size 55cc
- One adapter for all your gadgets - 60W USB PD
- Pack light while travel - 3 travel plugs included
- Save utility and save the planet - 92% energy efficient
- 1.5M USB-C to USB-C Cable included
- InnerShield™ safety secure

It sounds like I'm saving the earth and my electricity bill by using this product! Sounds good! Well here are some pictures of the packaging and the box itself:

Front of the box
Front of the box. It says The World's Smallest. It could be :)

Back of the box
Back of the box.

Side of the box showing the specifications
Side of the box showing the specifications.

The contents of the packaging
The contents of the packaging.

The rough size of the adapter with 3 pin plug
The rough size of the adapter with 3 pin plug. Small enough!


I have been using the Innergie 60C Pro USB-C power adapter for a few months now, more so now since working from home to charge my notebook. I have used it to charge most phones, Windows tablets, notebooks, and MacBooks which uses USB-C to charge. I would say the charging speed is fast, and I was able to get my notebook (Mi Notebook Pro) fully charge from about 25% onwards in about or less than 2.5 hours. 

Changing the plugs is very easy. All you need to do is to twist it to unlock and remove the plug, and insert the plug and twist it back to lock it. There is a cover provided to cover the end of the adapter if you are not attaching any plug to it.

You can watch the Innergie 60C Pro USB-C power adapter in action below!


So far I have no issues with the Innergie 60C Pro USB-C power adapter, and it has been a pleasant experience to use it. The price of this will most likely be a setback as it costs 129 SGD (~91 USD) excluding shipping. I was able to get it at a cheaper price (116.1 SGD) being a member of, but it is still costly. I wish they would have provided a travel pouch for it to store the power adapter and plugs for traveling.

Overall I would say this is a good to have item if you are someone who is always on the move and wants to reduce the bulkiness or size of the power adapter that you carry along. If you are interested in this product, you can get it from the following links below: from Singapore (I last check it's sold out),